Eco-Friendly Provence

One area in France that seems to have all their eco ducks in order is Provence. There are few areas in the world that have been blessed with as many wonderful sights, aromas and sounds as Provence and now they can add "eco friendly Provence" to the list. The French government has long been a strong supporter of the Kyoto agreement and their eventual ambition of 54 million tons of saved CO2 by 2010 ... Read Full Article

Strolling Through Les Baux de Provence, France

One of the benefits of meeting up with locals while traveling is that they take you to places you’ve never heard of, like Les Baux de Provence. Well, to be fair, I had heard of Les Baux de Provence while I was living in Saint Tropez. At the time, I figured that I had already seen and enjoyed the walled medieval village of Carcassonne, and that there was no urgent need to visit Les Baux, ... Read Full Article