Beautiful Bergmannkiez: A Glimpse into Pre-war Berlin

Bike wall along Notitzstrasse in Bergmannkiez

Have you ever heard of Bergmannkiez? When traveling through Germany, especially in Berlin and the north of the country, at some point you’ll come across the word ‘kiez’. Pronounced ‘keetz’, kiezes are these smaller locales. There are many kiezes in Berlin, but some stand out from the pack. When roaming through the western end of Berlin’s Kreuzberg, you’ll find one of the most charismatic and ... Read Full Article

A Fast Guide to Berlin’s Rapidly Transforming Neighborhoods

Of all Europe’s capitals, Berlin is one of the most geographically unique in that it doesn’t have much of a city ‘centre’. In its day, cutting the city down the line, the Berlin Wall created two separate hubs, depriving the reunified modern capital of an organic ‘downtown’. While a ‘centre’ has developed since the reunification years (in the form of the ‘Mitte’ district) it is arguably within the ... Read Full Article

Berlin’s Kreuzberg and Kreuzkölln: a Good Food, Drink & Coffee Guide

Cafes, bars and restaurants continue to sprout out of Berlin’s gentrifying neighbourhoods like spargel in the summertime. Kreuzkölln, the apex of gritty Kreuzberg and Neukölln, and its surrounds, remain a lure for Berlin’s flock of international émigrés, students and creatives. It’s no secret that the borough offers some of the best and cheapest options in the city for great food, drink and ... Read Full Article

Top 10 Reasons Why Berlin is the Greatest City on the Continent

In 2010, Berlin-Without-A-Wall celebrated its 21st birthday. It officially became a grown-up, able to party and vote and go to war. But hear this: the war is over, the city has voted in a gay mayor, and don’t tell anyone, but Berlin started partying a long time ago! Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Berlin is the Greatest City on the Continent. 1. Recent, and Relevant, History Your grandparents ... Read Full Article

When in Berlin, Visit Kreuzberg’s Turkish Market

When in Berlin, you really should visit Kreuzberg, the city’s historically Turkish district and now an area for the young and upwardly mobile. Be sure you visit on a Tuesday or Friday because both days host the largest Turkish market in Berlin. The open market extends about a half mile, lining both sides of Maybachufer Strasse, alongside the Landwehrkanal. The market is open Tuesdays and Fridays ... Read Full Article

Berlin’s Kreuzberg Kultur: Shopping and Eating

Bordering the Berlin Wall, Kreuzberg borough was home to students, artists, leftist radicals and a large Turkish population throughout the 1960s-1080s. When the wall fell, the area became, once again, the center of Berlin. Though Kruezberg is still an eclectic area, rising rents are making it increasingly difficult for alternative businesses and artists to survive in the area. Kreuzberg is home ... Read Full Article