Feasting Our Way Thru Kiev and Odessa

“It’s worth a trip to Ukraine for the food and beer alone!” - was my husband Rick’s continual comment throughout our visit. Cosmopolitan Kiev and touristy Odessa offer a large selection of cuisines and price ranges, but our choice was to seek out restaurants serving up home-style Ukrainian fare. Traditional Ukrainian cuisine is rich with natural ingredients. Meals usually consist of hearty ... Read Full Article

Kiev – A Marvel of Churches and Monuments

  The ancient city of Kiev (Kyiv), believed to be at least 1500 years old, is known as the cradle of Slavic civilization. Three brothers and a sister are the legendary founders of Kyiv, named after the oldest sibling Prince Kyi. This foursome wielding bow, sword and shield are fashioned in metal at the Independence Square fountain (Maiden Nezalezhnosti) in the centre of Kyiv (Kiev in ... Read Full Article

Village Life in Ukraine

Today we were leaving Kiev for the Ukraine countryside again, this time by bus. A week earlier, in the same uncomfortable July heat, we had journeyed by electric train to visit my cousin's dacha (cottage). During the train ride, varied characters sold their wares, indifferent to the sweaty passengers. It was a dilapidated parade of sagging faces and coarse voices, offering everything from ... Read Full Article

Hints for a Smooth Stay in Kiev, Ukraine

Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kiev

Kiev, the capital and largest city in Ukraine (population over 2.5 million), seems to be shifting slowly, but inexorably to a developing "westernized city".  A visitor experiencing Kiev the first time will be struck by the unique blend of old and new worlds colliding. Kiev, Ukraine, founded in the 5th century as a trading center, developed rapidly as a former Soviet republic during the Soviet ... Read Full Article