On the James Joyce Trail in Trieste

The city of Trieste is in border country. Follow the coast all the way around, as James Joyce did in the early years of the twentieth century, and pretty soon you’ll be in Slovenia, with Croatia just a few miles further south. You are as likely to hear people say 'dober dan' as 'buongiorno', and the phone book is full of names like Gravnik and Decic. Trieste has always inhabited an ... Read Full Article

Sights of Literary Dublin

For a reader, there is perhaps no better city in the world than Dublin. Literary sights are integral and plentiful. These are the streets walked by Leopold Bloom, protagonist of James Joyce’s Ulysses; these are the theaters that premiered the groundbreaking works of Synge, Yeats, Shaw and Beckett. Lively, smart Dublin has a long relationship with the written word. It’s probably one of the only ... Read Full Article