A Blissful Weekend in Istria, Croatia

Stunning view of the hilltop town of Motovun in Istria

A region in the northwestern corner of Croatia dotted with olive groves, vineyards, truffle forests and picturesque towns, Istria is home to more attractions and highlights that you would first expect. As the lion’s share of the tourist attention in Croatia goes to Dubrovnik , Plitvice Lakes National Park and the Dalmatian coast, Istria remains a relatively undiscovered region. Exploring ... Read Full Article

A Foodie’s Guide to Croatian Cuisine

Skripavac Croatian cheese a staple in Croatian cuisine

Planning a trip to Croatia? This foodie guide might just prove handy in deciphering Croatian cuisine. As is the case in many European countries, Croatian cuisine differs by region and is influenced by surrounding cultures. Depending on the region and its proximity to the coast, Croatian culinary specialties will have been greatly influenced by the Hungarians, Austrians, and Turks. And in addition ... Read Full Article

Rovinj: A Jewel on Croatia’s Istrian Coast


My first glimpse of Rovinj was of a large, whitewashed church close to the old town; a weathered nun, oblivious to the staring tourists, swept the church courtyard in a quick 1-2-3 motion. In the pastel chaos that is Rovinj, this black and white picture of serenity was a lasting one. Rovinj is a popular town on Croatia's Istrian coast. It was once a part of the Venetian empire and the Italian ... Read Full Article

Motovun, Croatia: Movies and Much More


A visit to Istria’s Mirna River Valley is a must for two reasons: its truffle-rich forests and its memorable hilltop towns. One such town is Motovun. One of Croatia's most picturesque stops, Motovun is better known, today, as the venue of the popular Motovun International Film Festival. The Medieval Core: According to legend, Motovun was created by giants who inhabited these lands; this old ... Read Full Article

Exploring Split, Croatia’s Old Town


My love for Croatia’s Istrian peninsula is well documented, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit this week and introduce you to the other coast – the Dalmatian coast and its most prominent city, Split. Split is the largest city in the region, and is the country’s busiest port. And though it tends to be more of a stop-over town, Split has much to offer. You can spend the day lounging on the beaches ... Read Full Article

The World’s Smallest Town: Hum, Croatia


With its Italian flavour and the sparkling sea, Croatia’s Istrian Coast is a tourist magnet. The true magic of Istria , however, lies inland. Tucked between ripening vineyards and olive farms, you’ll find dainty hilltop towns in a rainbow of pastel shades. One of my favourite stops along this route is the quirky microscopic town of Hum. Hum holds the unique distinction of being the world’s ... Read Full Article

Grozjnan, Croatia: A City Steeped in Art


Croatia’s Istrian peninsula is a treasure trove of tiny hilltop towns. Sprinkled across green valleys and luscious vineyards, each town is unique, and has its own story to tell; this makes them ideal day trip destinations. I highly recommend stopping over at the artists’ colony of Groznjan. Mind you, it isn’t as easily accessible as some of the other more frequented towns around Istria; maybe ... Read Full Article

In Search of Croatia’s First Wine Hotel


The bus driver pulled over on the side of a long road. We hadn’t passed anything that looked alive in the past fifteen minutes. I could see nothing but empty vineyards and empty houses ahead. He looked at me through the rear view mirror to tell me it was my stop. I bumped several unsuspecting Croatian ladies with my backpack as I exited the bus, and it pulled away.  Outside, a cold drizzle was ... Read Full Article