How Would You Like Your Shamrock? Ask the Ravenous Traveler

Drinking Guinness by BitchBuzz

“How would you like your shamrock,” asked the bartender. It was my first trip to Ireland. I’d ordered a Guinness; I was seventeen; and I had no idea what he was talking about—confused as much by his thick Irish accent as by the question. “How would you like your shamrock,” he asked again. After receiving another blank stare, the bartender shook his head and handed me a perfectly poured Guinness ... Read Full Article

The Belfast Murals: Portrait of a City Divided

‘No More’ Mural at Kenilworth Place off Newtonards Road.  This mural is a recent development based on two real-life individuals, a boy from East Belfast (Protestant) holding hands with a girl from Short Strand (Catholic).  The Newtonards-Short Strand area was the site of the major riot of June 2011

Northern Ireland is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful places. Blessed with a stunning coastline and a culture continually voted one of ‘the world’s friendliest’, this small country (of only 6 counties) should be on the must-visit list of every traveler who longs to experience genuine hospitality and a more relaxed way of life. Northern Ireland’s capital city of Belfast, however, ... Read Full Article

Must-See Sights for A Weekend in Dublin


When you truly love a city, one of the hardest questions to answer is: what are the must-see sights? My answer often depends on my mood and the person asking. There’s climbing to the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain, exploring locals-only parks, and finding the last few independent bookstores. But if you’re visiting Dublin for the first time, there are some essentials to see first. These must-see ... Read Full Article

Ancient Limerick: a Slice of Irish Legend

St Marys Cathedral Limerick

  Limerick ....however you define it - take your pick! Whether it be the witty, sometimes naughty rhyme or the dashing cultural / commercial center on the River Shannon; just the name "Limerick" will make you think of green shamrocks and poetic verses that will make you kick up your heels. The city of Limerick (the third largest in the Republic of Ireland) boasts an abundant history that ... Read Full Article

The Joys and History of Irish Beer

a pint of guiness

  Discussions of Irish beer usually begin and end with one word: Guinness. There is no doubt that Arthur Guiness’ great creation is the most famous beer in the world, let alone in Ireland. But there is much more to the beer scene on the Emerald Isle than just the meal-in-a-glass that draws all the headlines. Of course one cannot simply ignore Guinness when dissecting Irish beer. In the ... Read Full Article

Living Truly Green in Dublin, Ireland


The term Eco-friendly and being green may be new to the travel world, but Ireland has a long history of sustainable, nature based and culturally sensitive travel choices. If you are looking for Eco-friendly activities, transport, accommodation and organic food, Dublin, Ireland is a good choice for your next holiday. Upon arriving in Dublin, the largest city in Ireland, Eco-conscious travelers will ... Read Full Article

Ireland’s Wonderful West Coast


  One of the popular travel routes people take when going to Ireland is up the west coast - starting from Cork and heading north through the Dingle Peninsula - to Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher, and ending in Galway. This is a fantastic trip, rugged enough to require hardy boots and a good tent, but still peppered the entire way with cozy beds for the weary and some of the best pubs in the ... Read Full Article

Ireland’s Magical Giant’s Causeway


It seems impossible that such a tiny island can have so much to offer the traveller and tourist, but everyone heading for Ireland must understand that you can never go just once. If this is your first trip to the Eire, or your sixth, you should make your way north to County Antrim and the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is one of the most beautiful parts of the island and ... Read Full Article

Enjoy the Nightlife and More in Kilkenny, Ireland


The small city of Kilkenny is known for its eponymous castle and preservation of its medieval history, but this Irish destination also offers lively nightlife and great shopping. The town is a popular weekend destination for many Irish denizens. Whether interested in history, shopping or a vibrant nightlife, Kilkenny offers all in a condensed, easily navigated city center. From Dublin Airport, one ... Read Full Article

Discover Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula


The Dingle Peninsula is a 40-mile finger of land jutting into the Atlantic from Ireland’s southwestern shore, as far west as the mainland goes. The next parish, as the local folks say, is Boston. The Dingle’s stark beauty, rich history, and warm hospitality enchant visitors from around the world.  I’m one of them. The coastline reminds me of California’s Big Sur, with its steep cliffs and ... Read Full Article