Island Hopping in Croatia

Views of Hvar Harbor from Castle

My island hopping along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast began in the port town of Split. I had arrived thinking I would stay for just a day or two and then make my way to the islands, but something unexpected happened: I fell for Croatia before even setting foot on one of its stunning islands. I got to the islands eventually, and was glad I did. But beforehand I slowed down and took the time to ... Read Full Article

The Pretty Port of Hvar, Croatia

Boating in Hvar Harbor by Matt Bozigar

  Docked in the gently swaying port of Hvar Town, the yacht towered over its neighbors: a gigantic white structure, somehow still sleek and gleaming despite its uncanny bulk. A staircase descended from the two-story high deck onto the boardwalk. A guard stood, arms crossed, in front of a little carpet, placed so that the yacht’s owners could wipe the plebian dirt from their shoes before ... Read Full Article

World Heritage Sites in Croatia

Dubrovnik by F Bandarin

  Croatia is blessed with a rich history and great natural beauty, and the state ensures that these treasures are well preserved, with constant renovations and careful maintenance. Consequently, as of May 2013, Croatia has seven sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, with many other sites awaiting World Heritage status. World Heritage Croatia Sites Include: The Old City of ... Read Full Article

Ten Reasons to Visit Croatia This Summer


Summer is around the corner. It’s time to shrug off the winter heaviness, slip into something pastel and conjure up new holiday plans. But before you spend hours hunched over maps and on the internet, here’s an idea: this summer travel to Croatia . And if you’re looking for a convincing argument to help seal the deal, well, here are ten. Beaches As the Croatia Tourism slogan suggests, this ... Read Full Article