Celebrate the Holidays in Paris

If there’s one time of year when the “city of romance” becomes even more romantic, it’s around the Winter holidays. From the end of November through the beginning of January, Paris transforms into a holiday wonderland, combining the old and the new with just a hint of “je ne sais quoi.” From holiday shopping to New Year’s Eve revelry, here are some elements you are sure to enjoy if you plan on ... Read Full Article

European Cocktail Recipes Will Liven Your Holidays

One of my favorite things about traveling is discovering new food and drinks. When I return home, I enjoy sharing these experiences with my friends by trying to recreate European cocktail recipes. I especially love playing mixologist. Winter is on the way and that means it’s time for holiday parties and plenty of imbibing. Here are some recipes  to help infuse your next get-together with a bit of ... Read Full Article

Amsterdam Insider Travel Guide

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, once had an established reputation as a den of iniquity. But today there are so many more aspects of Amsterdam that appeal to every type of traveller: wonderful museums and galleries, up-and-coming cuisine, and quirky bars and cafes. It is a city full of nooks and crannies to be explored; and it has long earned its well-deserved status as a world ... Read Full Article