Hiking Along England’s Jurassic Coast in the Purbeck Hills

Winspit by Flickr User Treehouse1977

  While I was on vacation in Bournemouth, England, the mother of a friend of mine recommended a day of hiking in the Purbeck Hills. “It’s a very English thing to do,” she said. I was sold. The Purbecks make up part of southern England's Jurassic Coast, which, though sadly absent of dinosaurs, is a registered World Heritage Site. The area is only accessible via quaint, winding ... Read Full Article

Hiking to the Top of Mount Vesuvius

Mt. Vesuvius from a distance

  Mount Vesuvius in August was dry, dusty, hot, and absolutely worth the effort. By the time the rusted clock at the Pompei Scavi train station ticked around to noon, I had already spent four hours in the ruins of Pompeii and was therefore thirsty, footsore, and sunburnt. From the station platform, Mount Vesuvius loomed in the distance, a dark blue outline in a pale blue sky. I ... Read Full Article

Hiking into Finland’s Natural Beauty at Nuuksio National Park

I like hiking, though I’m not a Survivor-level flint and tinder type of hiker. Instead, I enjoy the walk-through-the-woods-and-admire-the-scenery type of hiking. So when my brother told me that the  Nuuksio National Park, where I could see the natural beauty of Finland, was less than an hour from Helsinki, I was excited, but unprepared. I hadn’t packed for hiking. So I wore tennis shoes and jeans ... Read Full Article

Hiking Italy’s Amalfi Coast

View from the trail

  Every time I travel to the Amalfi Coast I am swept away by its beautiful beaches, its incredible seafood, and the kindness of the people who live in houses built into the sheer cliffs.But it was only on my last trip that I discovered a plethora of hiking trails. The trails wind back through gullies and reveal the incredible tropical micro-climate that, if anything, reminds me of the Na ... Read Full Article

Iceland’s Natural Wonders

Iceland abounds with natural wonders. It sits at the meeting point of the North American and Eurasian continental plates. The plates are slowly moving apart, which means that the country is slowly, by just a few centimeters per year, getting wider. The rift runs diagonally from the southeast corner of the country to the northwest and makes Iceland a hotbed of weird geological activity. Geysers ... Read Full Article

Take an Active Vacation in France

France is a country of contrasts, offering cosmopolitan shopping delights as well as rustic outdoor adventures. Here are a few great ideas for those looking for an active vacation. Ferme de Soulan, Pyrénées Rustic lodging, home-made meals, snow slopes…you can have it all at la Ferme de Soulan, an old farmhouse located in Saint-Lary, an ancient mountain village. Pascal and Laurence have ... Read Full Article