On the Food Trail in Crete: Women’s Food Cooperatives

  I have two confessions to make: a) I have a sweet tooth, and b) I skipped Knossos in favour of indulging my sweet tooth passion in Krousonas. I guess sometimes you just have to get your priorities right. My time on the Greek island of Crete was limited and I reasoned that Knossos has been around for a long, long time and is bound to keep standing, whereas I couldn’t pass up the ... Read Full Article

Iraklio and Knossos, Greece

  A young man and a princess descend into the darkness.  Deep in the maze beneath her father’s palace, they can hear growling. Their torches flicker.  A ball of string threads their path back to safety. Once they have killed the monster that lurks here, they will sail away together, escaping the wrath of her father; but for now they advance, slowly, into the shadows. This is the ... Read Full Article