Heidelberg, Germany: German Romanticism at its Best

There’s a good reason why 3 million people visit Heidelberg every year. From the moment you set foot in Heidelberg’s Baroque Old Town, you feel like you’ve been transported back into scenes from Grimm’s Fairytales. With these fascinating medieval scenes, its no wonder Heidelberg is one of Germany’s most visited places—remarkable for a town of only 133,000 residents. And many of these visitors are ... Read Full Article

Top Castles in Germany

  Germany's long history can be traced through its rich array of castles and palaces that are scattered throughout the countryside. Germany's castles span various eras and genres and most are very well preserved. All year long, castles play host to a multitude of festivals and events that capture the medieval and Renaissance cultures from ancient Prussia and Germany. Here are just a few of ... Read Full Article