7 Turkish Delights: The Best of Western Turkey

The blue Mosque is one of the seven turkish delights

Much like the ubiquitous Turkish delight candies that have differing ingredients, flavors, and textures, the delights of Western Turkey are just as varied. The seven Turkish delights I offer range from mosques, former basilicas, Greco-Roman ruins and Byzantine architecture to unique natural world wonders such as the fairy castles of Cappadocia and the terraced pumice pools of Pamukkale. Traversing ... Read Full Article

Walking into Heaven: The Hagia Sophia

From the outside, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey looks like an impenetrable fortress. Thick, red-stained stucco walls stair step up in collections of annexes to a massive grey dome. Deep set windows dotting the surface are blackened by the shadows inside. Four flat pillars protruding over the narthex and apse resemble stoic guards keeping vigilant watch over the great 6th century Eastern ... Read Full Article