The Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium: A Perfectly Preserved Town Square

Maison des ducs de Brabant

Europe has many elaborately crafted medieval town squares, but none is as ornate or theatrical as the Grand Place in Brussels. The stunning 17th century neo-classical Flemish façades of the superbly restored guild houses on this cobble stone square tell about its days of glory when Brussels was one of Europe’s main centers of industry. After walking through dark, narrow cobblestone alleys, ... Read Full Article

Brussels: the EU’s Stylish Capital


As home seat of the European Commission, Brussels is unofficially the capital of Europe. Although the European Union does not have an official capital and the European parliament meets in Strasbourg, many of the EU’s primary functions take place in Brussels. The effect of locating so much business here has had a tremendous impact on Brussels; with the EU has come prosperity with a cosmopolitan ... Read Full Article