The Tapas, Culture, and Relaxation of Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain

  Roughly a year ago the idea began forming in my head that I should move to Spain, and almost on a whim I chose Granada as the destination for my relocation. While I had visited the town roughly ten years earlier, I had only spent a few days tasting its tapas and melting in its extreme summer sun. And, in reality, I didn't actually know all that much about the place. In fact, my memory of ... Read Full Article

Granada, Spain: City of Culture, Castles and Cuisine

  While planning what was supposed to be a trip to Spain and Morocco, I scheduled a 1-day stop in Granada, Spain. After sampling the sights, sensations, and savory cuisine of Granada for one afternoon, we decided to prolong our stay.  Well, we liked it so much that we never ended up making it to Morocco on that trip.  What could possibly cause us to rearrange our itinerary you ask?  Was it ... Read Full Article

A Lot to Love in Spain’s Andalucia

The Great Mosque of Cordoba in Andalucia

Only a thorough-going sourpuss could fail to find something to love about Andalucia. Spain’s southwestern region encompasses so much of the country’s natural, historic and cultural largesse that it hardly seems fair to the rest. The Treasures of Andalucia Just the most obvious ones make an ambitious itinerary: The Alhambra, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, miles of Mediterranean and Atlantic ... Read Full Article