Glastonbury: England’s Most Popular Metaphysical Tourist Attraction

  Tucked away amidst the rolling green hills of Southwest England’s Somerset County, the small mystical town of Glastonbury has more myth and legend attached to it than any other place in England—including Stonehenge. Shrouded in Arthurian myth and rich in mysterious associations, there are early claims that St. Joseph of Arimathea visited Glastonbury in 63AD and founded the first Church ... Read Full Article

Glastonbury, England: Where King Arthur Meets Bruce Springsteen

Glastonbury, England in Somerset about 120 miles from London, has a long history --  a mixture of legends, sacred sites, mysteries and folklore. Today the mystique of the small town is stronger than ever, with visitors flocking in to feel the magic. It’s a magic that comes in many forms. Several hills surround Glastonbury; the Tor is the highest. Paths wind up the grassy hill to a tower, all ... Read Full Article