Tune in to Germany’s Business Culture

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Doing business in Germany can be an unfamiliar experience for someone from an English-speaking country. And the differences can start right from a first meeting. Seniority within a company is important, so it’s good to be clear about someone’s job title and responsibilities. The distinction between the executive role of managers and the monitoring role of directors is quite clear-cut. The ... Read Full Article

Floating Past the Castles on the Rhine

Rhine Castle

I took a cruise from Rudesheim to Koblenz with my grandparents one summer and there are three things that I remember very clearly: craning my neck up at the Loreley Cliff face, walking through a winery slightly tipsy despite a belly-full of potatoes, and my Opa (grandfather) wrapping a shawl around his head and speaking Arabic on the top deck of the boat. There are several companies that offer ... Read Full Article

Our Guide to Tipping in Europe


Traveling to Europe should be an adventure, but trying to figure out the tipping rules for each country can be a headache.  Here is our quick guide to the ins and outs of tipping in Europe. Austria At Restaurants you should round up the bill, or tip 5-10%. Tip in cash, handing the tip directly to the server, or tell the server how much the bill should be (including tip) before he or she makes ... Read Full Article

The Best Time to Travel to Europe

The best time weather-wise to travel to Europe depends on what you like to do and where you are going. Summers are hot, which is why most Europeans head for the beaches. Fall is generally rainier than in spring and winter is, well... wintery. Europe can be quite stormy in winter, but weather in northern Germany is going to be a lot colder than that in southern Italy or Greece. If you are a ... Read Full Article