Where To Stay in Geneva, Switzerland

Rotary Hotel

To help you find a great hotel in Geneva, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of ‘where to stay’ options. Wrapping along the shore of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman), the city is home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, most of which are located in the Old Town. Budget travelers should note that budget-friendly hotels are almost nonexistent in Geneva, however, we have compiled a list of our ... Read Full Article

Geneva Switzerland’s Bohemian Les Paquis Neighborhood

Eglise Ste. Trinite Geneva

  When one hears the name “Geneva,” images of a large lake, high-end shops and pristinely manicured public parks typically come to mind.  However, there is a more eclectic side to Geneva that many tourists never experience: Les Pâquis. Once used as a wide-open area for grazing cattle, Les Pâquis is now Geneva’s most eclectic neighborhood. The eight square block area bordered by Parc Mon- ... Read Full Article

Insider Guide to Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne from above

Lausanne is the second largest city on Lake Geneva. It is also where you will find the Swiss High Courts of Justice (the highest court of appeal in the country) and the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee. The famous Hotel Management School (EHL) is also based in Lausanne. With 36 hectares of vineyards spread across five estates, the city of Lausanne is the largest public vineyard ... Read Full Article

Visit Lake Geneva Switzerland


The small metropolis of Geneva is set at the tip of crescent-shaped Lake Geneva (or as it is otherwise known, Lac Leman) in the most enchanting countryside in Europe, featuring some of the great sights in Switzerland, surrounded by rolling hills with a view of the majestic peaks of the French Alps in the distance. Geneva, one of the finest Switzerland cities, is characterized by its ... Read Full Article