Ireland Tourist Information

Introduction to Ireland The Republic of Ireland is an island nation situated in the North Sea off the northwest coast of Europe.  It shares the island with the small nation of Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. As an active participant in the European community, Ireland is one of Europe’s richest countries today, with strong links in the financial services and IT ... Read Full Article

Tara Motilor: Mountains, Wood, and the Scarisoara Cave

High in the Apuseni range of mountains in western Romania, between the cities of Cluj-Napoca and Deva, lies a dramatic area rich in wildlife and full of geological curiosities. It is inhabited by hardy villagers skilled in logging, woodworking, precious metal mining, and rearing sheep and cattle. They are the Moti people (pronounced motz), and the area is called Tara Motilor: the land of the ... Read Full Article

Loving Italy’s Lake Garda

  My grandfather gave me a copy of Goethe's Italian Letters before I took the train south from Frankfurt to Lake Garda, in the Sudtirol region of northern Italy. I read as much as I could as I wound through the summer valleys of the Alps that peeked at me as I sped past, finding just enough time to display wildflowers before we rounded another bend, another peak, past another ... Read Full Article