Romping Through Rudesheim am Rhein


Rudesheim, Germany is known for two very special things: Wine and the Rhein (Rhine). It might not seem like much at first glance, but these two attractions have guaranteed a steady torrent of visitors to this quiet little town in the Rhein Valley. Rudesheim is located just a few train stops from Frankfurt am Main on the Rhine River, just south of the famous Lorelei Cliff (a massive rock that rises ... Read Full Article

The Local Cuisine of Frankfurt, Germany


  Frankfurt cuisine revolves around a few dishes, without which any dining experience in the city must be considered incomplete. One of them, Gruene Sosse (Green Sauce), is an emulsion of eggs and oil with a variety of green herbs (dill, parsley, sorrel, chives and others) that was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s favorite dish. He covered potatoes and meat with the sauce and most likely ... Read Full Article

Frankfurt, Germany: Not Just a Stopover


  For many travelers, Frankfurt am Main is the initial stop on a European tour, but not a destination in and of itself. The tendency is to swoop in and grab the connecting flight to Venice or buy train tickets for Paris, but don’t give in to impatience! Every city in Europe has charm and history -- Frankfurt is no exception. The best way to get around Frankfurt is with the subway ... Read Full Article

Germany Christmas Markets: a World of Christmas Magic


At Christmastime, Germany reveals its most Magical side. More than 2,500 Christmas markets invite you to share in the joy of the Christmas season and enter into Germany's festive spirit. If you want to enjoy these enchanting markets, you will need to plan ahead. In October and even sooner, tour companies roll out their Winter Escorted Tour brochures and on-line offerings. Here is a list of the ... Read Full Article