The Foods of Franconia, Germany

The food of Franconia is hearty fare. Typical Franconian restaurants and inns dot the landscape of this German region and they often feature similar dishes on their menus. A meal at such a restaurant begins with a salad sampler, comprised of cucumbers in a vinegar or yogurt dressing, shredded carrots in a sweet sauce, thinly sliced radishes and various lettuces. The Franconian menu is meat heavy ... Read Full Article

Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany has Many Stories to Tell

With over a thousand years of recorded history, Nürnberg ( Nuremberg) has a varied past. From a trade center in the medieval Holy Roman Empire and cultural hub in the German Renaissance to host city of Nazi party rallies in the 1930s and the ensuing War Trials in the 1940s, Nürnberg has many stories to tell. Today, the largest city in the Franconia region is as busy as ever, constantly redefining ... Read Full Article