Vienna, Austria: First-Time Visitor Guide

Vienna or Vienne just might top the list of most-overlooked cities in Europe, and it deserves to be right up there with Paris, London, and Rome. An enthralling mix of modern and ancient, its rich history dates back to Roman times, when the city’s primary function was to protect the Roman Empire from attacks by the Visigoths (nice job, by the way). During the 19th century, Vienna was the capital ... Read Full Article

First Time Visitor Guide to Rome

Most first-time visitors are filled with excitement and suspense when they first arrive in Rome. This guide will help you get to your hotel and plan the rest of your stay. Rome is so full of unfathomable beauty that it’s worth knowing what you’re getting into. Some facets of Rome can come as a shock, too. For example, it is common for motorists to ignore red lights, crosswalks, and stop signs. ... Read Full Article