Italy From Bottom to Top: Italy Farm Stay

  For the next seven days, I'll be living between two giant mountains in the Lazio region, without running water or electricity. I feel like a contestant on Survivor—just me, my Mac-book, and nature. There’s a rolling field brimming with fig, peach, cotton apple, and olive trees; the sun sets between the mountains at the far end. During the day, I work on the nearby Italy Farm Stay ... Read Full Article

Italy From Bottom to Top: Farm Work and Hiking in Abruzzo

After a few days at Italy Farm Stay, I’ve pinpointed the reason that it’s so unique: Guests are able to directly experience the lives of the Siragusa family. Antonello manages the Farm Stay; his mother, Maria, teaches cooking classes and prepares lunch and dinner for guests and volunteers; Antonello’s father, Giuseppe, takes care of the livestock, the gardens, and—perhaps most important—the ... Read Full Article