Six Reasons to Visit Europe this Winter

Berlin, Germany-acting like a local while sipping hot cider at an outdoor market

In the summer, travelers flock to Europe to tour the sites while basking in the warm sunshine. Sounds perfect, right? Well, it is perfect until you step off the plane and realize that everyone else has the same idea. Along with the picture perfect weather, come throngs of camera-toting tourists. To escape the crowds, consider visiting Europe in the winter. Yes, the weather may be chilly (or, even ... Read Full Article

Mystery of the Black Madonna

The Black Madonna has been a figure of mystery for centuries. Some say she’s simply a statue of the Virgin Mary carved from black wood, or perhaps has soot on her skin from the smoke of thousands of candles.  But speculation goes much deeper than that. Throughout Europe, especially in France, about 500 Black Madonnas, painted or carved in wood or stone, stand in Catholic churches, with a few in ... Read Full Article

WWOOF Your Way Through Europe

  Do you enjoy communing with nature? Does the organic food movement interest you? Are you looking for a way to learn new skills, meet people from all over the world and receive free room and board during your stay in Europe? Then WWOOFing may be a perfect fit. What is WWOOFing? World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)  was started in 1971 in the UK as a way to provide ... Read Full Article

European Cocktail Recipes Will Liven Your Holidays

One of my favorite things about traveling is discovering new food and drinks. When I return home, I enjoy sharing these experiences with my friends by trying to recreate European cocktail recipes. I especially love playing mixologist. Winter is on the way and that means it’s time for holiday parties and plenty of imbibing. Here are some recipes  to help infuse your next get-together with a bit of ... Read Full Article

Ten Tips for a Safe and Pleasant European Vacation

Of course you may not really care what others think about how you look and/or act when you are  traveling abroad, but to a certain extent, blending in and not acting like a typical tourist can make your trip a much safer, more pleasant experience. Here are My Top Ten Tips for A Safe and Pleasant European Vacation: 1) Keep your voice down!!! This is probably the number one complaint by ... Read Full Article

Eating Well in Europe on a Budget

For many people (this writer included) one of the main joys of traveling is sampling all the culinary wonders of a new cuisine. It can be hard to reconcile a small budget with a big appetite, but with a little creativity, you can stretch your travel dollars and enjoy all the tasty delights a country has to offer, without going over budget. Create a Budget Decide how much you want to ... Read Full Article

Avoiding and Dealing with Petty Crime in Europe

Most European cities are as safe as any major city in the US, but tourists can be a target for petty crime like pick-pocketing and rarely more violent crimes like mugging. There’s no fool-proof way to avoid being the victim of a crime, but you can reduce your risk by staying alert and heeding the following advice. Carry a minimum amount of cash It’s like Murphy’s Law – you’ll only get ... Read Full Article

Taking the Overnight Train in Europe

If you’re planning a packed itinerary in Europe, one of the best ways to maximize your time and save money is by taking an overnight train. Why waste six or more daylight hours traveling between cities when you can pass the time blissfully asleep? Most overnight trains cost about the same as a night in an inexpensive hotel, so you may actually end up saving money by traveling at night as ... Read Full Article

Europe’s Best River Cruises

Cruising in Europe doesn’t mean you are limited to the ocean on large mega-ships. River cruises are a great way to see a variety of locations, without the hassle of repeatedly packing and unpacking or moving from place to place. And unlike ships that cruise the seas, river boats tend to be much smaller and offer a more intimate experience. Because of their size, they can dock directly in port, ... Read Full Article

Luxury Cruise Lines Come to Europe

Many cruise lines have discovered the allure of Europe and have expanded their offerings to this historical part of the world.  Here is our list of the best luxury cruise lines in the world. Crystal Cruises Crystal Cruises offers a gracious cruise experience with over-the-top shore excursions. Their restaurants serve menus featuring fresh ingredients, and their bar menus offer premium ... Read Full Article