Eclectic Erfurt, Germany

architecture on Cathedral Square in Erfurt, Germany

You’ll find an Eclectic Mix of Attractions in Erfurt: A Rich Religious History, Awesome Outdoor Operas, a Formidable Fortress, and an ancient Merchant Bridge. Oh Yes, . . . and a Puppet Maker and Delicious Dumplings. I’ll always remember the ancient city of Erfurt for its sheer variety of jaw dropping sights packed into a small area. One minute you’re crossing a medieval bridge with dozens ... Read Full Article

Erfurt, Germany: the Center of the Center

  Erfurt was reportedly described by Martin Luther as being in the "center of the center of Germany" and this might be one way of understanding this ancient city's charm. Being in the very middle of the country might have ironically insulated the city from the turmoil of Germany's long path from religious battleground to modern anchor-state. Erfurt was founded in the 8th century and is the ... Read Full Article

Our Three Best Kept Travel Secrets

We love to travel and we love Europe, so as you can guess, our Best Kept Travel Secrets are Europe-Focused. Panzano in Chianti A few years ago, we came across Panzano in Chianti, a tiny Tuscan town with few tourist sights, but with some great places to eat and drink. If you are a foodie, you may have heard of its famous butcher, if not, here's the scoop: The town is  built upon a long, narrow ... Read Full Article

Postcards From Erfurt, Germany

Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, is a beautiful town located in the center of Germany. It is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Germany. With more than 1,260 years of history, Erfurt has lots to offer those who love historic and architecturally rich towns. The following "postcards" offer just a small glimpse of this city's charms. The architecture in Erfurt runs from Gothic to ... Read Full Article

Sightseeing in Germany’s Historic Cities

Germany has launched a great website for travelers who are interested in particular historic and cultural aspects of Germany. Historic Germany highlights thirteen smaller but historically important cities including Augsburg, Erfurt, Freiburg, Heidleberg, Koblenz, Lubeck, Muenster, Potsdam, Regensburg, Rostock, Trier, Weisbaden, and Wurzburg. The site also offers Dream Routes that focus on ... Read Full Article