Relaxing in Selcuk, Turkey

Selcuk ruins

  The Western coast of Turkey provides a mix of history and luxury popular with many travelers.  Shimmering waters, beaches, and brash cities like Kusadasi and Izmir draw crowds looking for a resort experience; the ruins of Ephesus and other sites interest archeology fiends.  We sought to escape these two extremes, and found ourselves happily wandering the narrow streets of ... Read Full Article

Exploring the Ruins of Ephesus


Columns rose on either side of us, fluting up into a blue sky.  A worn marble walkway sloped down the hill.  Throngs of people moved past each other.  They pointed and murmured, Spanish and Turkish and Japanese blending into a low, awed hum. It must have been a similar scene 2,000 years ago.  In ancient times, this city, Ephesus, was the second-largest in the Mediterranean after Rome.  As ... Read Full Article