The Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London

Beefeater at the Tower of London

Britain is awash with weird and wonderful customs and ceremonies and one of the longest running has to be The Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. This ancient ceremony has been conducted every night for at least the last 700 years and involves the formal locking of the gates of the Tower of London. Whilst visitors have to pay to visit the Tower of London, it’s possible to attend the ... Read Full Article

Shopping at London’s Borough Market


Given the number of perfectly manicured parks across London, indulging in a picnic lunch (weather permitting) is a great way to spend the day. Not only does it allow for a relaxing break, but it also warrants a visit to the city’s bustling Borough Market. The Borough market combines London’s two most appealing aspects - historical landmarks and shopping opportunities – to form one gigantic, ... Read Full Article

Enjoy a Traditional English Tea Service in London


Indulging in afternoon tea is a quintessential experience in England. Not to be confused with “high tea” which is a heartier meal that features more meat dishes and is served in early evening, afternoon tea is a light mid-afternoon snack, served from around 2:30 -5 p.m. Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford, is the person credited with making “tea” a daily ritual as opposed to a simple ... Read Full Article

Steam-Training Through Yorkshire’s Bronte Country


  The five mile Keighley and Worth Valley Railway starts at Keighley (although you can get on and off at any station on the line) where the traditional preserved line lies alongside the mainline station. Here old steam trains gently chug out of the old station on one side, whilst modern trains zoom off from the platform on the other side, highlighting the significant changes that have ... Read Full Article

Summer Literary Festivals in the UK


  The summer months in the UK are typically the time when festival fever is fully in force. But, as well as the popular music festivals, there are plenty of literary festivals taking place and they offer a great opportunity to meet your favourite authors, discuss books and discover what’s going on in the literary world. Interested? Here are some literature festival highlights worth ... Read Full Article

England’s White Cliffs Country


If gazing out from France across the English Channel to neighboring England, one is met with a wondrous site: a wall of white stretching for miles. These white walls, seemingly painted against the blues and greens of the landscape, are a result of chalk, the primary ingredient in the soil of this part of England. Julius Caesar pointed them out in his description of the Roman invasion of Britain ... Read Full Article

The Best Time to Travel to Europe

The best time weather-wise to travel to Europe depends on what you like to do and where you are going. Summers are hot, which is why most Europeans head for the beaches. Fall is generally rainier than in spring and winter is, well... wintery. Europe can be quite stormy in winter, but weather in northern Germany is going to be a lot colder than that in southern Italy or Greece. If you are a ... Read Full Article