Curious Easter Ceremonies in Italy

  Easter time in Italy means spending time with family, eating good food, and picnicking in the countryside. Businesses sometimes take the entire week off, and government-run institutions, such as bus and train service, are pared down. Easter Sunday itself, known as Pasqua, is a day of intense celebration. Parades, brass marching bands, idols made of precious metals carried atop men’s’ ... Read Full Article

Tips for Traveling in Italy During Easter

Traveling in Italy during Easter can be wonderful or perilous. Before you decide, read my story. Perhaps this is a funny story. I’m not sure. Tragic might be the more appropriate description. The first time I spent Easter in Italy, we stayed in a beautiful villa, an ancient palazzo, in the south. I’d spent a carefree day by the seashore and casually planned an elaborate dinner for the evening. ... Read Full Article