A Visit to Dubrovnik: The Pearl of the Adriatic

City Walls of Dubrovnik

“The Pearl of the Adriatic.” With a nickname like that, it’s hard not to expect sheer magnificence when visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia. And I can honestly say that Dubrovnik  is one of the very few cities that actually does live up to its hype—of all the cities that I’ve visited so far, only New York City, Sydney and Venice  have made similar overwhelming impressions on me. Brief History of ... Read Full Article

Six of the Sunniest European Winter Destinations

Turkish Aegean is one of the Sunniest European Winter Destinations

Let's take a look at some of the most desirable, sought after and sunniest European winter destinations. Those accustomed to stunning sunsets and balmy eves during their European getaways might balk at the thought of traveling to the Old World during the long, cold winter. But you might be surprised that, from December to March, not all of the continent is covered in wild snow and sleet. In fact, ... Read Full Article

Where to Eat in Dubrovnik

  Dubrovnik teems with restaurants, but the city’s culinary reputation isn’t very good. Investors have opened sub-par restaurants beside classic restaurants, and, between the menu and the decor, it can be tough for the visitor to tell the two apart when deciding where to eat in Dubrovnik. To help weed out the bad from the good, I compiled this list of restaurant recommendations on my ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Some of Dubrovnik’s best hotels and accommodations are located in neighborhoods outside of the Old Town. Dubrovnik’s Old Town neighborhood, with its imposing City Walls and beautiful monasteries, is home to amazing sights and shopping, but it doesn’t necessarily have the best hotel selection. Instead, I recommend you stay in Dubrovnik, but in quieter neighborhoods, where you’ll get to experience ... Read Full Article

Daytripping Dubrovnik’s Islands and Beaches

  Croatia has over 1200 islands, and a day trip from Dubrovnik to the nearby islands or beaches is a great way to get a taste of Croatia’s island culture.  Here’s a guide to Dubrovnik’s islands and beaches: Dubrovnik's Islands There are plenty of tour companies that offer a variety of packages that include many different islands. You can, however, create your own list and visit the ... Read Full Article

Falling for Historic Dubrovnik

Croatia walls along the Adriatic

  While the islands bask in their sunny, lavender-scented glory, Dubrovnik waits at the southernmost tip of Croatia, like a matching bookend to the region’s other main city, Split. But Dubrovnik is much more than the final stop on a typical Dalmatian sailing trip: it is the most historical, charming, and beautiful destination in a region full of highlights. Dubrovnik could be ... Read Full Article

Dubrovnik’s Sights for the Budget Traveler: A Self-Guided Tour

Dubrovnik has been Croatia’s number-one tourist destination for over 75 years, and for good reason: Dubrovnik is a great destination for the budget traveler. It is also one of the only European cities whose medieval city walls have remained completely intact, giving it a magical atmosphere, as though Puff the Magic Dragon might pop his head over the crenellated walls at any time during your stay. ... Read Full Article

Island Hopping in Croatia

Views of Hvar Harbor from Castle

My island hopping along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast began in the port town of Split. I had arrived thinking I would stay for just a day or two and then make my way to the islands, but something unexpected happened: I fell for Croatia before even setting foot on one of its stunning islands. I got to the islands eventually, and was glad I did. But beforehand I slowed down and took the time to ... Read Full Article

Eating the Adriatic – Traditional Dubrovnik Dishes

I see now why Lord Byron called Dubrovnik “the pearl of the Adriatic.” With numerous beaches around the city center, giant medieval walls, and an identity all of its own, Dubrovnik has been an important tourist destination for 75 years. It’s the ideal place to begin a culinary trip through Croatia and taste some traditional Dubrovnik dishes. This morning I ordered two of the local pastries: ... Read Full Article

Eating the Adriatic: Dubrovnik, Croatia

  I woke up at 5:30 this morning in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dubrovnik is a photo waiting to happen. It’s a walled city (think of a mini Great Wall of China) built right along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. As it was my first morning in Europe, I gave into jet lag, got up, and left my hotel. Just a few stone steps later, I stumbled upon a bustling farmers’ market on the shore of Gruz Bay. The ... Read Full Article