Europe in Winter: Where to Go

Vienna, a star of Europe in winter

The Old World is a gift that keeps giving year round, from the mercurial peaks of the warmer months, to the subzero temps of December and beyond. It’s the latter, however, that tends to capture the imagination, a time when the old town architecture and cobbled streets simmer in the chill, and warming visions of hearty fare by firelight draw the budding European tourist in. Though you’ll need a ... Read Full Article

Gluhwein and Stollen in Dresden’s Christmas Market Wonderland

If you happen to think that the North Pole is the most festive destination on earth come Christmas time, you might need to reconsider your position. To find yourself in the heart of Christmas cheer, you really need to head a little further south—down to Germany to the wondrous Christmas wonderland known as Dresden. Dresden is an ancient city with a rich and conflicted history. ... Read Full Article

Dresden Germany’s Young and Hip Neustadt

While Dresden may be known for its Altstadt (old town) and its many landmarks, the Neustadt or new town offers a lively alternative to crowds of tourists and souvenir sellers. In the 1990s, the Neustadt was known for its alternative scene and carefree attitude. Some of that attitude can still be seen in graffiti covered buildings and tattooed twenty-somethings, but the area is beginning to  fill ... Read Full Article

Exploring Dresden’s Altstadt

  Dresden is a historical and charming city located in eastern Germany. The city is divided by the Elbe River with the Altstadt or Old Town to the south and the Neustadt or New Town to the north. Most of the city’s well-known historic landmarks are located in the Altstadt. Allied bombing destroyed 75% of the city center on February 13 and 14, 1945. This date is memorialized every ... Read Full Article

Staying at Hostel Louise 20 in Dresden’s Neustadt

When visiting Dresden, Germany, I recommend that you choose a hotel or hostel away from the Altstadt (old town), and stay instead in the Neustadt (new town). Perhaps, on the hip and trendy Louisenstraße where you will have easy access to the city's most important sights.  Hostel Louise 20 is a great option, providing a mix of rooms for all budgets. The main building offers standard single beds in ... Read Full Article

The Hofkirche, Dresden, Germany’s Other Famous Church

  The Frauenkirche may be the symbol of Dresden, but another church, the Hofkirche, deserves equal attention. It stands as the largest church in all of Saxony. The Hofkirche, constructed as a Catholic church, stands in comparison to the Lutheran alliegance of the Frauenkirche, and in the face of the strength of Prostestantism throughout Dresden in the mid-18th century. In 1697, Saxon ... Read Full Article

Dresden, Germany’s Impressive Zwinger Palace

With so many historic structures that have been beautifully restored and reconstructed in Dresden, Germany, it is hard to divide time equally among them. But one site - The Dresdener Zwinger - deserves more recognition. The Frauenkirche may be the symbol of the city, but the Zwinger, a Baroque palace situated right in the middle of Dresden's Altstadt, is truly impressive. The palace, home to many ... Read Full Article

The History of Dresden’s Frauenkirche

Dresden, Germany's most notable landmark, the Frauenkirche, has a history mirrored in its city. Constructed in the 18th century, the church was destroyed in the firebombing of Dresden during World War II. The reconstruction of the exterior was finally completed in 2004 and it now stands once again as the most recognizable edifice in the city. The original Frauenkirche was built between 1726 and ... Read Full Article

Dynamic Dresden

Dresden is a city that is rebuilding itself daily. Dresden citizens  are working to make Dresden the cultural and artistic mecca it was before World War II and the dramatic firebombing of 1945 that made the city a burned out pile of rubble. Our hotel looked out at the Frauenkirche, a symbol of the spirit and tenaciousness of the citizens of Dresden. This exquisite, baroque church was, until ... Read Full Article

Germany Christmas Markets: a World of Christmas Magic

At Christmastime, Germany reveals its most Magical side. More than 2,500 Christmas markets invite you to share in the joy of the Christmas season and enter into Germany's festive spirit. If you want to enjoy these enchanting markets, you will need to plan ahead. In October and even sooner, tour companies roll out their Winter Escorted Tour brochures and on-line offerings. Here is a list of the ... Read Full Article