Tracking Down Dracula at Snagov Monastery

interior of Snagov Monastery

Few visitors to Romania come to Snagov Monastery. Fewer still have ever heard of it, in spite of its connection to the life (actually the death) of Count Dracula, the country’s most famous native. Technically,  as a fictional character – and a vampire, Dracula didn’t live OR die. But his real-life counterpart, Vlad Țepeș (Vlad the Impaler), did end up at Snagov, maybe.  Vlad the Impaler followed a ... Read Full Article

Poenari Castle and the Myth of Dracula

Poenari Castle as seen from the road below

To visit the real Dracula’s real castle in Romania, you have to know which castle to visit. Shall it be Bran Castle of Transylvania, beloved by tourists and the country’s tourism board, or Poenari Castle of Wallachia, the historically valid but little-known alternative? Those who have read Bram Stoker’s novel about the world’s most famous vampire are often curious about what inspired the Irish ... Read Full Article

An Historic Stroll through Dracula’s Home: Sighisoara, Romania

Sighisoara, ROmania

Sighisoara, in Romania's Transylvania region, is a picturesque city with winding streets and spiky towers, centered around a medieval fortified city center on top of a hill. It is well set-up for tourism, with comfortable hotels and dining places that are reasonably priced and strategically located for sightseeing. But it gets full of tourists in the hot months, so come slightly off-season ... Read Full Article

Was the Real Dracula a Vampire… or Worse?

gory drawing of someone impaled by Vlad the Impaler

Visitors to Sighisoara, Romania, one of the most evocative Gothic cities in Transylvania (central-western Romania), might not be surprised when they come across a statue of Dracula and learn that the city is his birthplace. With its medieval walled city center on top of a hill, the place seems to have just the atmosphere you’d associate with the bloodsucking aristocrat. But the more you start to ... Read Full Article

Bran, Home of Dracula’s Castle … not

Any tourist who visits Transylvania (western/central Romania) and asks "where's Dracula?" is likely to be directed to Bran, the home of a medieval building that many tourist brochures call "Dracula's Castle." The problem: Bran actually has no connection with Dracula, whether you're looking for the fictional Transylvanian count or the factual Wallachian prince. The consolation: Bran Castle is a ... Read Full Article