The Apollo Temple and Oracle in Didim, Turkey

View of Apollo temple from hotel room

I can’t get enough of the experience of driving along, rounding a bend and suddenly being greeted by the sight of soaring columns, scattered, carved marble blocks and ancient statues. These artifacts, albeit damaged, are witnesses to a glorious past and have survived thousands of years while seeming to mock the signs of modern times at their feet. That’s exactly what happens if you visit one of ... Read Full Article

The Delights of Greece: Athens and Delphi


John and I came to Athens, the birthplace of Western democracy, to marvel at ancient ruins and sites of mythology. Sure enough, they were incredible (though I actually found more Greek temples, in better condition, on Sicily than in Greece). But just as amazing was the vibrant modern life that swirled around the old stone columns and pathways. OJ (Orange juice) stands and great yogurt were only ... Read Full Article