Prowling Around Provence: Day-trips from Marseille

  It’s not happenstance that Marseille is an ideal base for exploring Provence. We love to take day-trips from Marseille because the Romans built roads from here in all directions, which the modern-day routes often follow. My husband and I have made use of these Roman routes many times as we explored the Provencal countryside. We’ve developed a system for our expeditions: we leave ... Read Full Article

Best Day Trips From Dublin

Ancient cultures, wildlife, outdoor adventure ... pick a Dublin day trip category and enjoy. While Ireland's capital city has enough to keep visitors engaged for weeks, it can be illuminating to get outside the city center and see exactly what the picturesque countryside is so famous for. During the years I lived in Dublin, I took many day trips, some of them spectacular, and all of them ... Read Full Article

Out and About: Day Trips Near London

With urban sprawl for miles and miles and a bulging population of over seven million people, London can be a bit too much for some tourists to handle.  Happily, there are a number of nearby villages and hamlets that are perfect for a day trip and easily reachable via the transport networks leading out of the city.  Try some of the following places to ease your mind and get a feeling for what ... Read Full Article

Amsterdam Insider Travel Guide

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, once had an established reputation as a den of iniquity. But today there are so many more aspects of Amsterdam that appeal to every type of traveller: wonderful museums and galleries, up-and-coming cuisine, and quirky bars and cafes. It is a city full of nooks and crannies to be explored; and it has long earned its well-deserved status as a world ... Read Full Article