Enjoying Czech Cuisine and More in Prague

Braised meats and stews are popular in the Czech diet

Czech cuisine includes a comforting array of braised meats and stews, hearty dumplings, and cabbage. In fact, the Czech diet is heavily meat-centric, which can be challenging to the vegetarian traveler. Pork and beef, for instance, are greatly represented on Czech menus. Pork can be served numerous ways – from braised varieties in thick gravies, to goulash, to massive roasted knuckles and ... Read Full Article

A Guide to Romanian Food


Start with the soup. That might be the best advice for anybody who is about to be intoduced to Romanian food. The country’s cuisine is at its very best when it comes to the various types of tasty soup - “ciorba” - with which it is traditional to commence any sit-down meal. Bits of chopped meat, as well as vegetables like beans, carrots and potatoes, are common ingredients, as are dill and other ... Read Full Article

San Sebastian – Sun, Sea and Superb Cuisine

Arzak Staff

  San Sebastian doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the glamorous resort towns on Spain’s Costa de Sol. But this seaside city, with its mix of modern style and old-world atmosphere, offers cosmopolitan shopping and entertainment, Basque culture, and some of Spain’s best dining, just steps from beautiful sandy beaches. Where to Eat in San Sebastian One of the main reasons to ... Read Full Article