Six of the Sunniest European Winter Destinations

Turkish Aegean is one of the Sunniest European Winter Destinations

Let's take a look at some of the most desirable, sought after and sunniest European winter destinations. Those accustomed to stunning sunsets and balmy eves during their European getaways might balk at the thought of traveling to the Old World during the long, cold winter. But you might be surprised that, from December to March, not all of the continent is covered in wild snow and sleet. In fact, ... Read Full Article

A Guide to the Most Popular Islands in Greece


  To enter the world of the Greek islands is to enter a time-tested sanctuary decorated with sharp cliffs, lazy seas, perfectly bronzed bodies, and warm smiles. People take their time. There is no where to be, because you are already there. The sun keeps you inside for a long lunch and siesta, and when the sun begins to relax, the beaches fill up and the parties begin. Hedonism is more ... Read Full Article

Guide to the Greek Town of Hersonissos on Crete

Beach Photo by Gerd A. T. Muller

  The Greek town of Hersonissos, on the island of Crete, is one of the most accessible and friendly locations of all the Greek islands. Offering snorkeling, sun-bathing, ancient ruins, cruises, and all night parties, Hersonissos truly is as luxurious as it sounds. This town is nothing new. Its origin dates back to the Minoan civilization, one of the largest in the Mediterranean during ... Read Full Article

On the Food Trail in Crete: Women’s Food Cooperatives

wedding gift basket

  I have two confessions to make: a) I have a sweet tooth, and b) I skipped Knossos in favour of indulging my sweet tooth passion in Krousonas. I guess sometimes you just have to get your priorities right. My time on the Greek island of Crete was limited and I reasoned that Knossos has been around for a long, long time and is bound to keep standing, whereas I couldn’t pass up the ... Read Full Article

Hiking Crete’s Samaria Gorge


  Towering rock walls rise a thousand feet. A creek rattles against the rocks, slipping down from the mountains toward the distant ocean. The drama of Crete’s Samaria Gorge, which runs ten miles before emptying into the Libyan Sea, comes from its epic proportions. Samaria is reportedly the longest gorge in Europe, which at its highest point rises 1,600 feet and narrows to only 11 feet. We ... Read Full Article

Hania, Greece: A City of Many Cultures

Crete coast

  In Greece, classical civilization threads all aspects of daily life. Broken Ionic columns lie in everyone’s backyard, and the bus maps are written in the language of the philosophers. But Crete, the largest island in Greece, has more than just a Platonic heritage. Crete was once the heart of the Minoan civilization, a Bronze Age matriarchy that ruled the Mediterranean. Later ... Read Full Article

Crete: A Feast for the Senses


  A one-hour flight from Athens to Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, dropped us near Heraklion, a bustling, noisy town I didn’t expect to like. But who can resist those exuberant Greeks, who love to talk? Every square and every cafe-bar was crammed with coffee-and beer-drinkers watching the scene and talking endlessly to each other and their cell phones. In a sprawling street ... Read Full Article