7 Free Things to Do in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

A picturesque city on the coast, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is one of the most touristed cities in the Nordic region. Known to be one of the greenest capitals in the world, it is the center of commerce and entertainment for the Danish people, who are consistently rated as some of the happiest on the planet. If you are headed to Denmark and would like to avoid burning a hole in your ... Read Full Article

Copenhagen and Tallinn: A Fine Vacation Pair

eating when visiting Copenhagen and Tallinn

Copenhagen and Tallinn are just a short flight from each other. If you are visiting lovely Copenhagen, be sure to take a side trip to Tallin. Visit Copenhagen Copenhagen’s famed art and design museums, grand historical sites, lively urban parks, and dynamic restaurant scene makes it an easy city to love. Flat and manageable in size, the city center’s streets are abuzz with walkers and cyclists. ... Read Full Article

Shopping for Contemporary Design in Copenhagen

PH lamp  Designmuseum -photo by Jason Paris

Copenhagen is a veritable mecca for design aficionados. From modernist classics to cutting-edge conversation pieces, there are plenty of unique (and tempting) elements for a stylish interior to be found in Denmark’s capital city. Whether you’re in the mood to learn or purchase, here are eight places to visit on your design tour of Copenhagen: Normann Copenhagen Located in the Osterbo ... Read Full Article

Copenhagen Street Eats

Copenhagen Sandwich

  Copenhagen excels at many things – it’s one of the greenest cities out there, arguably the most bike-friendly, and it has impeccable taste in art and design. It’s also made quite a name for itself as a gastronomic capital, not least because of its enviable seaside locale and plentitude of fresh, innovative talent. Perhaps most known is the multi-starred Nobu, which has been recognized as ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay In Copenhagen – Editor’s Picks


Between the people, the canals, the skittering bicycles, and the brightly colored buildings, Copenhagen, Denmark is a friendly city, and it is surprisingly easy to get around considering its size. Copenhagen’s neighborhoods each have their own identity, and it’s worth taking a minute to find the one that matches your matches your style and budget. Just as punk rockers want to stay in New York’s ... Read Full Article

Copenhagen: a First Time Visitor’s Guide


  Copenhagen is an innovative coastal city that serves as a guiding light for European fashion, public transportation, gastronomy, and environmentalism. The mix of cool canals, bridges, avant-garde architecture, beautiful schooners, and a sea of bicycles make it easy for a first-time visitor to fall into step with the Danes to get the best out of Copenhagen. Copenhagen can be expensive, ... Read Full Article

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen


"Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, salty old queen of the sea...."  On my first trip to Europe, as a teenager, I landed in Copenhagen humming the catchy tune from the movie, Hans Christian Andersen. Ever since, when I'm in Denmark I think of  the song, because Copenhagen truly is wonderful. It's a beautiful harbor city of islands, museums, parks and palaces; narrow cobblestone streets, wide ... Read Full Article

Copenhagen‘s Hotel Fox, a Decorator’s Dream

0503 project fox

  Copenhagen's Hotel Fox is a World Travel Awards nominee. Hailed by the Wall Street Journal as the "Travel industry's equivalent to the Oscar's", the World Travel Awards are the most comprehensive and most prestigious awards program in the global travel industry, so being nominated is quite an honor. The story behind Hotel Fox is that it was once an aging hotel that Volkswagen decided ... Read Full Article

The Dazzling Museums of Copenhagen


Copenhagen has more than 50 museums, classic to kitsch, erotica to fairy tales, and not a one of them is stuffy or boring. Some have free entrance and others are free on certain days. The Copenhagen Card provides discounts on transportation and entrance fees, but it’s a good value only if you are constantly on the go. The largest museum in Denmark, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, has a wealth of ... Read Full Article

Visit a Happy Place: Copenhagen, Denmark


This year, when trying to beat the winter blahs, why not try something a little different than the typical tropical locations? After all, what better place to cheer yourself up than in Denmark, the official Happiest Place on Earth? For three years in a row, the World Values Survey has bestowed that title on Denmark. The elaborate survey, conducted over a number of years in countries all around ... Read Full Article