Connemara: Ireland at its Most Remote

Scenic road in the hills of Connemara

Grey clouds float across a gloomy sky, preventing the sun's rays to peak through. Below on the ground, a herd of sheep tries desperately to find shelter from the approaching rain in a barren, treeless landscape of rocky hills, bogs and still lakes. No sounds other than that of the first raindrops and the wind pierce through the deafening silence that characterizes this seemingly uninviting region ... Read Full Article

Rugged Donegal: Ireland’s Northernmost Hideaway

Ireland Slieve League

On my first trip to Ireland, I took a bus from Clifden on the west coast that I thought was headed to Donegal in the far northwest of the Republic of Ireland. (Un)Fortunately, I was wrong and the bus took me to Dublin where I enjoyed the Guiness Blues Festival for the next week. I always wondered how the trip may have differed had I stepped onto the right bus, because Donegal was and still is the ... Read Full Article