A Walking Tour of Two Mainz Churches

Entrance to Mainzer Dom

  Located on the Rhine River outside the major metropolitan district of Frankfurt, the German city of Mainz is a sight to behold. The fanciful buildings of the Mainz plaza (sparkling with Christmas lights in the winter), the historic surrounding district, and the adjacent sandstone cathedrals, make this a unique destination. Mainz is best enjoyed on foot and a great way to see most of the ... Read Full Article

Kiev – A Marvel of Churches and Monuments

3 St Sophia Cathedral

  The ancient city of Kiev (Kyiv), believed to be at least 1500 years old, is known as the cradle of Slavic civilization. Three brothers and a sister are the legendary founders of Kyiv, named after the oldest sibling Prince Kyi. This foursome wielding bow, sword and shield are fashioned in metal at the Independence Square fountain (Maiden Nezalezhnosti) in the centre of Kyiv (Kiev in ... Read Full Article

York, England: Castles and Churches and Pubs, Oh My!


Ahhh York …. with its great city walls, castles and churches. For most tourists coming to this town, the medieval history of this great northern city is the major draw. The renowned City Walls stretch for about 3km and should be walked by all travelers with a just a little or a lot of time on their hands. The walls are dotted with castles and fortifications and every now and then a pub or ... Read Full Article

Exploring the Churches of St. Petersburg, Russia

St Isaacs 3

St. Petersburg is like an old photograph: mysterious, alluring, strangely nostalgic. Its palaces, with their shuttered windows and paint peeling in pastel strips, invite fantasies of more elegant times. Flat-bottomed boats swoop through the canals, ducking past the remnants of Russia’s imperial past. While it has transformed into a bustling, modern city, St. Petersburg retains its historical ... Read Full Article