Summer Hikes in Chamonix, France

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Chamonix Valley, in the French Alps near the borders of Switzerland and Italy, is world-famed for its year-round sports. In winter there are ski runs for all levels of experience, from  beginners’ slopes to 20-kilometer-long Vallée Blanche, which is unmarked, unpatrolled, and not to be taken by any but experts. Visitors can snowboard, paraglide, snowshoe, ice skate, ice climb, sled and heli-ski. ... Read Full Article

Chamonix, France: an Alpine Playground


Chamonix, France, near the Italian border, lies at the base of Mt. Blanc, the highest peak in western Europe (more than 4700 meters). The River Arve winds through the valley, and rugged mountain chains surround it and the small resort town where the first Winter Olympics was held, in 1924. Winter sports rule in snow season, which can extend through mid-May, while summer crowds come for great ... Read Full Article