Following the Footsteps of Cezanne in Aix en Provence

Paul Cézanne Mt. Ste. Victoire

  Paul Cézanne was devoted to his hometown of Aix-en-Provence, in southern France, and it's easy to see why. More than a hundred years after the great artist's time, it's still a lovely, livable city. “When you're born here,” Cézanne said, “nothing else is good enough.” He was fascinated by the light of Provence and painted the region's landscapes over and over—some 60 versions of Mt. St. ... Read Full Article

Cézanne’s Mont Ste-Victoire, Provence

At sundown, I sip a glass of Provencal vin rosé entranced by this ever-changing light on Mont Ste-Victoire from the terrace of a house close to Aix en Provence. I promptly decide I must drive all the way around it tomorrow following the Route Cézanne. I want to get up close and it’s an easy day trip. The light in Provence, France, is golden, rich, and warm, and has attracted artists and ... Read Full Article

Aix en Provence France: Cézanne’s Home

  Aix en Provence, a beautiful old Roman town, was built on the ruins of Entremont in the year 122 B.C. The area had hot and cold springs and was thus named Aquae Sextiae. In the Middle Ages, after it was abandoned by the Romans, Aix became the center of trade in the region and the home of the Sovereign Counts of Provence. Today, with a population of 137,000 (including 40,000 university ... Read Full Article