Douja D’Or: Asti’s Celebration of Food and Wine

  Douja D’Or , which means Pitcher of Gold, is a ten-day celebration of the outstanding wines and foods of the Piedmont region in northwestern Italy. Wine production is hugely important here. In the Piedmont province of Asti, miles of vineyards stripe the hillsides, growing fat clusters of grapes that will become some of the world’s best wines. From old Nebbiolo vines come the deep, ... Read Full Article

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

There’s an old joke in Dublin that says the Irish only drink one day of the year: St Patrick’s Day. The rest of the year they spend ‘practicing’ for the big day. Every March 17 the Irish capital city becomes a sea of green in celebration of the patron saint of Ireland. Dublin’s famous black brew – Guinness – fills glasses in pubs throughout the city and the day is spent listening to traditional ... Read Full Article