Casablanca and Its Amazing Hassan II Mosque

In 1980, King Hassan II commissioned a fabulous new mosque for Casablanca, intended to be a modern wonder and a statement of both his power and his commitment to Islam. He wanted it finished by his 60th birthday in 1989, and he wanted the design to be done by French architect Michel Pinseau, who had done a number of buildings in Morocco. The king  got everything he wanted except the completion ... Read Full Article

Meknès: Morocco’s Imperial City and World Heritage Site

  Back in the 17th century, Meknès was the largest fortified city in North Africa. Its powerful ruler, Moulay Ismail, had plenty of slave labor to build his vast palaces and gardens, as well as 25 miles of thick walls and monumental gates. History declares the sultan a ruthless tyrant, but he did guarantee peace and order. (There’s apparently no record of just how peaceful it was in his ... Read Full Article