The Crazy Days! ‘Carnival’ All Over Europe

The ritual of ‘Carnival’ has been a prominent institution of cultural life since well beyond the days of antiquity—Ancient Greeks and Romans honoured deities Dionysus and Bacchus with wine feasts and orgies; Germanic Tribes chased wild winter spirits during the smoky nights of the ‘Rauchnachte’; Christians continued on with festivities of their own, with countless offshoots of festive tradition ... Read Full Article

Helau! Celebrating Carnival in Mainz, Germany

Have you experienced Carnival in  Germany? Carnival, known locally as Fastnacht, is a lively, cheerful time of celebration, which has its origins in medieval religious festivals and is particularly celebrated in the Rhineland area of Germany. Carnival season officially starts on November 11 each year and ends on Ash Wednesday. Celebrations peak on the weekend before Ash Wednesday and are ... Read Full Article