St. Fagan’s Museum in Cardiff, Wales: Memories of My Father

Last summer, when I visited the St. Fagan’s National History Museum in Wales, I stepped into a small schoolhouse, circa 1910, much like the school my father would have attended. There on the desk beside the text books and slates was a bamboo switch, reminding me of his stories. When I was a small child, every night at bedtime, my father would fascinate me with stories about his childhood. My ... Read Full Article

Bluestone Resort: Wales’ Perfect Eco Vacation

Set amid one of the most picturesque areas in the UK, Bluestone Resort is located in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and is only two hours from Cardiff and 10 miles from Whitland train station. Not only does Bluestone boast stunning views and an inviting landscape, but the accommodations are also environmentally friendly. Bluestone's 178 timber lodges, each of which can sleep from four to eight ... Read Full Article

Hanging out in Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a Roman fort in approximately 75AD.  Officially the Welsh capital since 1955 and home to the devolved Welsh parliament since 1999, Cardiff has quickly become a hip and trendy handout. The city offers a bit of flair and a fun alternative to more frequented cities in England and Scotland. While many tourists explore the Welsh countryside, ... Read Full Article