Where Myth And Reality Meet: Capri, Ischia, and Ponza


  Several islands are located within a short ferry-ride from Naples, Italy; and Capri, Ischia, and Ponza are the most popular. In choosing which island to visit, it’s helpful to know their personalities because each is unique. To begin, the islands can all be reached from either of Naples’s ferry terminals. Molo Beverello is the larger terminal, located on the eastern section of Naples’s ... Read Full Article

Italy’s Enchanting Isle of Capri

Farangioli Rocks, Capri

  At the souvenir stand, the music boxes play “Isle of Capri” all day, every day. The vendor wears a pained expression. For the rest of us, life on Capri is pure enchantment. It’s true that Capri, a short ferry ride from Italy’s mainland, is over-touristed and ultra-pricey (but still charming) in the height of  summer. Off –season, John and I are often the only walkers on the stone ... Read Full Article

Explore the South of Italy

Pantheon in Rome

    For most travelers to Italy, Rome is the furthest south they will travel. The golden triangle encompassing Rome, Venice and Florence is the main route. But the south has so much to offer! The regions of the south include, Lazio and within it Rome and Vatican city, Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia along the Adriatic, Naples and Campania, the toe of the boot Basilicata and Calabria, ... Read Full Article