Italy from Bottom to Top: Montefalco and Cantine Aperte

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year: Cantine Aperte. A countrywide wine tasting, the event’s name literally means “Open Wineries.” I started just outside of the Montefalco region, a D.O.C.G. region that produces wines made with the Sagrantino grape. The word sagra means festival or party, so I like to think of the grape as a “little party,” although that is not actually what it ... Read Full Article

Italy’s Wine Festival: Cantine Aperte

  On the last Sunday in May, Italy’s wineries fling open their doors and invite visitors to sample their creations. Cantine Aperte, which translates to Open Wineries, is best described as a countrywide wine party: It allows travelers to visit nearly every winery in Italy without making a reservation in advance. Just rent a car and hit the road. (Though, I do recommend reserving a car well ... Read Full Article

Cantine Aperte: Italy’s Country-Wide Wine Festival

  Cantine Aperte is an annual wine-festival that takes place each May throughout all of Italy. From the Veneto region in the north, to Sicily’s Marsala, wineries open their doors to visitors and offer samples of their amazing wines. The one-time cost of entry is usually 5 euro; the price includes a wine glass that you can take home. Italy produces more wine than any other country in the ... Read Full Article