Romania’s Calata Region: Surprises Among the Traditions

The area of Romania known as Calata (in Romanian) or Kalotaszeg (in Hungarian) may be rich in traditions, but it also has some unexpected sides. In among the sleepy Transylvanian villages and farms, the well-preserved medieval churches, and the peasant handicrafts, there are a few unusual things that stand out. For one, there is the castle in the village of Stana (Sztana in Hungarian) that was ... Read Full Article

Romania’s Calata Region: Quaint Villages and Ancient Churches

Huedin church ceiling

  In western Romania, between the city of Cluj and the town of Ciucea, is an area of gentle hills and winding roads, of sunflowers and storks, quaint villages and ancient churches. Called Calata in Romanian, it’s known as Kalotaszeg to the ethnic Hungarians who form the majority of the population, and who continue to practice age-old handicrafts and customs. Agri-tourism thrives here, with ... Read Full Article