Beaucaire, France: Village of Artisans, History and Bullfighting

Festival day in Beaucaire

  Located in the Gard region in the south of France, Beaucaire is set in the center of a triangle comprised of Avignon, Nimes and Arles. It is distinguished by a medieval castle, winding cobblestone streets and the Rhone-Sete canal that runs right through the center of town. In fact, it might just be the perfect base from which to explore the wonders of the South of France. When we ... Read Full Article

Flamenco, Feria, Bullfighting and Barbers in Seville, Andalucia


Capital of the southern Andalucía region, as well as Spain’s cultural and artistic core, Seville is aesthetically beautiful, intoxicating and graceful. Moorish and Arabic architectural sensibility dazzles in a city rich with Spain’s most archetypal cultural attributes. It is here that the bullfight, flamenco and tapas all originate, and it’s hard not to lose yourself in Seville’s authenticity, to ... Read Full Article