Getting Around Madrid on the Cheap


Though wandering around the streets of Madrid is a great way to see the city, be sure to take advantage of the fantastic public transportation system in the capital. Getting to Madrid From the Airport Madrid Barajas International Airport connects to the city by Metro line 8 and by Cercanias commuter train line C-1. The fastest, and least expensive way, to access the city center from the ... Read Full Article

Dubrovnik’s Sights for the Budget Traveler: A Self-Guided Tour

City Walls 2

Dubrovnik has been Croatia’s number-one tourist destination for over 75 years, and for good reason: Dubrovnik is a great destination for the budget traveler. It is also one of the only European cities whose medieval city walls have remained completely intact, giving it a magical atmosphere, as though Puff the Magic Dragon might pop his head over the crenellated walls at any time during your stay. ... Read Full Article

Eat, Pray, Love Florence: Loving Florence on a Budget

View of Florence_San Miniato Al Monte_

  “You have a husband, bella?” The waiter’s thickly lashed black-brown gaze lands on my left hand, naked of any ring, and then wanders over the rest of me as though imagining those parts to be naked, too. The question comes at breakfast on my third and final day in Florence, the day I’ve slated for exploring the romantic offerings of this most romantic of European cities. ... Read Full Article

Hotels for Every Budget in Rouen, France

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  Rouen, the capital of Normandy in Northern France, is classified as a ‘City of Art and History’, with more than 200 protected sites. For example, the abbey Church of Saint-Ouen is one of the most beautiful gothic monuments in all of France. Then there is Notre Dame Cathedral which was constructed over several centuries and houses monuments to the Dukes of Normandy and the tombs of the ... Read Full Article

Six Tips for Discovering the Authentic (and Cheaper) Prague


  Most everyone knows that Prague has the Charles Bridge, excellent opera and those adorable horse-and-carriage rides that follow the cobblestone roads into the sunset. But come on, don’t you want to live it up and live like a local, not just a skimming-the-surface tourist? Uncover the beating heart of Prague when you try out some of these insider suggestions at very non-touristy ... Read Full Article