Bergen the Beautiful: Its Art and Artists

Lille Lungegardsvann Lake, in the center of Bergen

The tourist website for Norway captures the spirit and history of Bergen with its description of this city as  “a spectacular amphitheater clambering up the mountainsides.” We were there at midsummer’s eve, a time of celebration with bonfires in the three hours when it’s actually dark. Okay, let’s say dusky. In addition to the topographical clamber, Bergen also clamors in ... Read Full Article

Bryggen – Bergen, Norway’s Medieval District

Unesco plaque in Bryggen

It was on an icy, bright June evening that I reached Bergen, Norway’s second largest city. As I got off the ferry, pulling my suitcase behind me, the midnight sun greeted me, as did a row of intriguing colourful old buildings on the other side of the Bergen harbour. I had spent enough time pouring through guidebooks to know that this was Bryggen, a medieval district, ancient and full of character. ... Read Full Article