Puglia: Where to Stay on Italy’s Boot

Corte dei Granai bedroom

The most characteristic choice for lodging in Puglia is a trullo, a stone hut topped by a cupola. These peasant dwellings, found only here in this region of Italy, date back to the 13th century, but don’t worry – those that have been turned into luxury hotels or rental properties are of more recent vintage, with all the mod cons an international visitor expects. The problem with trulli, aside ... Read Full Article

Puglia: A Gastro-Blitz on Italy’s Boot

La Cutura cactus garden

Halfway through a four-day gastronomic tour of southern Puglia, we were struggling to digest the experience.  At least I was, as the only one in our group who was not in the food business as a sommelier, restaurateur, or wine journalist. At this point we were in a gently rocking fishing boat off the shore of Gallipoli on the Ionian Sea, perfect weather on a late May morning. “If you want to eat ... Read Full Article

Puglia’s Best Kept Culinary Secret: Panzerotto

  A panzerotto is a fried version of a calzone that is unique to the Puglia region of Italy. Piping hot and stuffed with mozzarella and tomato sauce, eating a panzerotto is a sinfully satisfying experience. Panzerotti (plural) have crossed the Atlantic and become popular in the United States, particularly Texas and New Jersey, but tasting them at the source is always the best. Every city ... Read Full Article

Visiting the Bustling Port Town of Brindisi, Italy

Top of Ancient Pillar in Brindisi

  With only two hours of sleep, I arrived in Brindisi, Italy at 6am on a night train. Brindisi, located in southeast Italy, is one the final stops on the Train Italia rail system, with Lecce being the only major city further south. Having a large, natural port on the Adriatic Sea, Brindisi has a significant history filled with accounts of Turkish pirates, highway robbery, and Byzantine ... Read Full Article